World Space Week 2021 – Thank You – Empiribox


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Here at Empiribox, we help primary schools and home educators get science ready by combining the power of online learning tools with hands-on science experiments to create WOW moments that pupils will remember!

Whether your pupils are at home or back in the classroom, our blended science approach is designed to build knowledge and meaning through experience.

Together, let’s build teacher confidence and nurture children’s curiosity to ask questions, investigate, challenge and evaluate.

Blending the digital & physical world for better learning outcomes!

“Year-on-year the children make real progress and build upon their skills…” 

Daniel Nicol,  
Year 4 teacher at Broadford Primary School

“It has revitalised my belief in teaching.”

Richard Thomas,
Head Teacher at Pevensey and Westham Primary School

“It simply makes science easier to teach.” 

Davey Henson, 
Year 5 Teacher at Frederick Bird Primary School