Empiribox Complete

Is your primary school science ready? Looking for a full curriculum-aligned science solution for both online and practical lessons that will WOW your pupils?

We believe the only way for children to learn fundamental concepts is combining the power of online learning tools with hands-on science experiments. This is why we’ve made it simple and straightforward for primary school pupils to access everything they need to learn and inspire their curiosity – and for teachers to easily implement the lessons plans too.

Each unit has been carefully correlated by year group to align with the national curriculum objectives – while keeping the topic investigations exciting and engaging for your young learners.

Our fully integrated science solution includes lesson plans, assessments, equipment, CPD and a digital service to cover your teachers and pupils needs for the entire year.




    • Equipment – We include everything you need for primary school pupils to enjoy practical science for the whole year, from conical flasks to Sellotape, so schools don’t have to worry about a thing.
    • Resources – We manage topic boxes from the beginning to the end of term so schools only have one Programme of Study (POS) kit at any one time, eliminating any storage issues. You’ll also have full access to Empiribox Digital (perfect for home learning, homework & flipped learning) – a vast library on interactive videos, worksheets, quizzes & more!
    • CPD – Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions ensure teachers have a full understanding of the Programme of Study (POS), with time to review and explore best practice in teaching science while tracking individual pupil progress.
    • Assessment – We have devised Formative and Summative assessments with the help of independent science curriculum experts, covering both context and science skills for each year group’s Programme of Study (POS), making it easy to gauge your pupil’s level of understanding.


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