Earth, light and space – The Sun and how we see


In this lesson we are going to explore the importance of light and how white light is made up of visible different colours and invisible matter like UV rays. In our investigation we will build a spectroscope to identify the different colours of light. There are 4 labs in this box. The box comes with Lesson plan, Whole class teaching PowerPoint, Teacher video tutorial and the equipment.

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This box contains:

Lab: Model Sun & Spectroscopes

  • Sun Model
  • Spectroscopes

Lab: Luminous & Non-luminous

  • Torch
  • Night Light Candles Single
  • Mirror 150mm x 100mm
  • 2p Plastic Coin
  • Picture of Moon (A4 Laminated)
  • Picture of Sun (A4 Laminated)
  • Picture of Earth (A4 Laminated)
  • Picture of a firefly (A4 Laminated)
  • Small block of wood 4cm x 4cm x 4cm
  • Fluorescent Materials (4 x minerals in a box )
  • UV Lamp
  • Black out cloth 3m x 1.37m
  • Constant Digital Alarm Clock
  • Piezoelectric lighter
  • Lamp Moonglow
  • Bicyle Reflector
  • Uranium glass
  • Quinine tonic water – Small bottle
  • Glow in the dark Putty
  • Very Small Plastic Bag

Lab: Sunglasses and Coloured Lenses

  • Sunglasses
  • Black Cellophane Roll
  • Blue Cellophane Roll
  • Red Cellophane Roll
  • Yellow Cellophane Roll
  • Light Meter
  • Torch

Lab: UV Beads Investigation

  • UV beads Mixed
  • SPF cream Factor 15
  • SPF cream Factor 30
  • SPF cream Factor 50
  • Small Resealable bag
  • Stopwatch/Timer
  • Black Cloth Bags
  • Petri Dish

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Earth, Light and Space