Forces – Magnetism


The purpose of this topic is for children to learn about the properties of magnets, which materials are magnetic and to learn about magnetic fields. There are 8 investigations in this box. The box comes with Lesson plan, Whole class teaching PowerPoint, Teacher video tutorial and the equipment.

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This box contains:

Lab: Magnets

  • Half Red/Half Blue Magnet
  • Wand Magnetic
  • Magnets Magnadur

Lab: Gauss Gun

  • Gauss Gun Kit:
  • Tube Perspex Rigid [x1]
  • Magnets Neodymium [x4]
  • Ball Bearing Small [x4]
  • Bung Rubber For End Of Tube [x1]
  • Stand Plastic Rod Tube Holder [x1]

Lab: Lenz Law

  • Lenz’s Law Kit

Lab: Exploring Magnetic Poles

  • Half Red/Half Blue Magnet (from Magnets Station)

Lab: Magnetic Materials

  • Magnetic Materials Collection
  • Set of Metal Strips (A-L)
  • Half Red/Half Blue Magnet (from Magnet Station)

Lab: Blocking Magnetism

  • Set of Metal Strips (A-L) (from Lab: Magnetic Materials)
  • Clamp Stand Base [x1]
  • Clamp Stand Boss [x1]
  • Clamp Stand Clamp [x1]
  • Clamp Stand Rod [x1]
  • Thread Roll
  • Blu Tack
  • Paper Clips
  • Half Red/Half Blue Magnet (from Magnet Station)
  • Wand Magnetic (from Magnet Station)
  • Magnets Magnadur (from Magnet Station)

Lab: Magnetic Shielding

  • Glass Bowl 200ml
  • Glass Bowl 500ml
  • Metal Measuring Cup Set
  • Magnets Magnadur (from Magnet Station)
  • Compass Pocket

Lab: Magnetic Field Finding

  • Magnetic Field Finder
  • Wand Magnetic (from Magnet Station)

Lab: Induced magnetism

  • Magnets Magnadur (from Magnet Station)
  • Steel Pin
  • Paper clips (from Blocking Magnetism Station)

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