Animals – The Digestive system


The purpose of this lesson is for children to learn the names of the organs in the digestive system, their functions and how they work together to digest our food. The products of digestion and water pass through the intestine wall and are then transported away in the blood. There are 4 labs in this box. The box comes with Lesson plan, Whole class teaching PowerPoint, Teacher video tutorial and the equipment.

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This box contains:

Lab: How long is your intestine?

  • Rope Plastic Blue
  • Teacher Demonstration: What Happens to Food in our Bodies?
  • Washing Up Bowl
  • Potato Mashers
  • Medium Resealable Bag
  • Tights Pair
  • Polystyrene Cup
  • Large Black Bin Bag
  • Beaker Plastic 250ml
  • Various Foods (school)
  • Cola (school)
  • Scissors (school)
  • Disposable Gloves – Small

Lab: All-Bran Test

  • Equipment from Lab: What Happens to Food
  • Tights Pair (from above)
  • Beaker Plastic 250ml (from above)
  • Stainless Steel Table Spoon
  • Measuring Cylinder 50ml Plastic
  • All-Bran

Lab: Where is Your Digestive System

  • Organ Apron
  • Torso Model
  • Model Stomach
  • Digestive System Labelling Words
  • Digestive System True or False Game

Lab: What happens in your mouth?

  • Crackers

Lab: Digestive Games

  • Digestive System Matching Game
  • Digestive System Buzzwire Game


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