Animals – Muscles


The purpose of this lesson is for children to learn that muscles allow us to move bones because they are attached to the ends of the bones. When muscles contract (shorten or bulge) they allow us to move a bone. Muscles work in antagonistic pairs: when one contracts the other relaxes. Muscles cannot stretch or get bigger. Sometimes many muscles work together to have a single effect, for example, facial expressions. There are 4 labs in this box. The box comes with Lesson plan, Whole class teaching PowerPoint, Teacher video tutorial and the equipment.

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This box contains:

Lab: Muscle Strength 1

  • Measuring Tape
  • White Chalk

Lab: Muscle Strength 2

  • Metre Ruler (school)
  • String Ball
  • Spring set
  • Measuring Cylinder 100ml Plastic
  • 500ml bottle (school)
  • Screw Hook
  • Bradawl (from Lab: Robot Hand)

Lab: Model Arm

  • Cardboard tube 1
  • Cardboard tube 2
  • Cardboard tube 3
  • Balloons Modelling
  • Split pins
  • Balloon Pump
  • Paper Clips Large
  • Rubber Bands Size 69 Medium
  • Marker (school)
  • Scissors (school)

Lab: Robot Hand

  • Card Thick Grey (Wide)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Thread Roll
  • Drinking Straws
  • Bradawl
  • Ties Cable 75mm
  • Safety gloves



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