Animals – Looking after our bodies


The purpose of this lesson is for children to learn that to have a healthier lifestyle they need to eat a balanced diet, take regular exercise and make informed lifestyle choices including not smoking or drinking alcohol. They learn that all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines and illegal drugs need to be avoided. There are 4 labs in this box. The box comes with Lesson plan, Whole class teaching PowerPoint, Teacher video tutorial and the equipment.

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This box contains:

Lab: Exercise and Breathing Rate (WS)

  • Stopwatch/Timer
  • Clicker Counter

Lab: Healthy and Unhealthy Lifestyles (Optional)

  • Diary Extracts
  • Lifestyles Matching Game

Lab: Why does exercise keep us healthy? (Optional)

  • Pictures of Athletes
  • Exercise Match Cards

Lab: Drugs and Medicines

  • Drug and Medicines Information Cards
  • Drug and Medicines Game


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