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Lesson: Roots

In this lesson we are going to explore the function of plant roots. We will identify that there are different types of roots but that they all carry out the same important role. Our investigation will look at the capacity of roots to absorb water to keep the plant alive. Your teacher will tell you which scientific skill, either Planning or Presenting and analysing data or Evaluation, to focus on during this lesson.


Before you start

Print out the worksheet that is in the Resources section or alternatively download it to your computer to fill in digitally.


You will need the following items for the practical investigation in this lesson :

Sellotape, barbeque skewers, a clear plastic cup or container, food colouring, some string, a scissors and some water.


When you’re ready

Watch the video and carry out the work, including the investigation, as prompted by the scientist on the screen. Have fun!


Below is the list of key words you will come across during the course of the lesson:


fibrous root






banyan tree

carbon dioxide



tap root

table of results


Roots always grow below the ground:

Roots take up water from the soil:

Which of the following is another function of roots?

Which of the following do roots not take from the soil?

A carrot is an example of:

Roots can photosynthesise:

This system is an extensive mass of smaller, thinner, widely spread roots:

Which of these statements is false?

Which is true?

For a plant that has a taproot, all other roots grow from the taproot:

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