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Lesson: How is water transported in plants?

In this lesson we are going to explore the journey of water to all parts of the plant and how it evaporates through the leaves. We will identify that this process is called TRANSPIRATION.  Our investigation will explore the rate of transpiration in plants and which factors can affect it. Your teacher will tell you which scientific skill, either Planning or Presenting and analysing data or Evaluation, to focus on during this lesson.


Before you start

Print out the worksheet that is in the Resources section or alternatively download it to your computer to fill in digitally.


You will need the following items for the practical investigation in this lesson :

a ruler, some celery, blue food colouring, 4 glasses, a plate or a chopping board, a scissors, water, a vase and some white flowers.

When you’re ready

Watch the video and carry out the work, including the investigation, as prompted by the scientist on the screen. Have fun!


Below is the list of key words you will come across during the course of the lesson:











What is the name of the tube that carries water in the plant?

Xylems carry water to all parts of the plant:

Water can be transported instantly to all parts of the plant:

Which structure allows water to leave the plant?

What is the name of the pores in the leaf where water leaves the plant?

If there was continuous heavy rain, the stomata will be:

What state of matter is water as it leaves the plant?

What is the name of the phenomenon that allows water to travel up the plant?

A trunk is the stem of a tree:

It is impossible for a plant to live without water:

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