British Science Week 2022 – Empiribox


Join our super scientists on 11th – 20th March to create a WOW moment that will enthuse and inspire your young scientists.

Easy-to-follow practical science fun

After growing in size year upon year, it is now thought that over a million people participate in British Science Week across the UK! 

Join our super scientist Chris from 11th- 20th March to explore this year’s British Science Week theme of growth, as we look at how increasing the size and weight of objects affects the distance they travel.

This is a fun practical activity for KS1& KS2 children to explore the effects of different forces on an object as it travels through the air and investigate how the growth of the object affects the distance travelled.

Follow along video lesson – available anytime  

Worksheets & supporting resources 

Adaptable hands-on experiments

All linked to the primary curriculum

Together let’s inspire the future generation of scientists and innovators!

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