World Oceans Day

We already know why the ocean is so important to our planet and all the different things it does that help support our ecosystems – did you know it produces over half the Oxygen we need to survive! If you don’t, read our blog on why the ocean is probably the coolest thing on Earth.
We also wrote a blog on how to reduce plastic pollution which we think is just as important now for World Oceans Day as any other day of the year. By reducing the amount of plastic you use, you could save marine life, protect the ecosystem for the oceans and prevent any chemical damage from degrading plastics.
World Oceans Day is a day dedicated to celebrating, protecting and raising awareness of our seas and oceans. All over the world people get together and host events – there are 96 in the UK alone! If you want to get involved and join an event near you (or even make your own!) then look them up here – World Ocean Day Events
We’d love to see the whole world protecting the oceans, but a change starts with just one person – so be that person! Be the teacher that inspired your class to make a difference.
Easy ways to start are;

  1. Make awareness videos with your class. Research the oceans and make a short presentation with them all and send it to parents and guardians. Accompany this with posters and leaflets to share around the local community
  2. Join local events
  3. Host your own event, like a cake sale where all cakes must have an ocean theme and give the money raised to a local ocean protection charity
  4. Pick up any litter you see lying around and put it in the bin – even if it isn’t yours!
  5. If you already live near the sea, volunteer for a beach clean-up

Good luck with doing your bit for the oceans!