Women In Science

We celebrate women in science as much as possible, in fact, one of our main aims is to get girls in primary schools to be engaged with science from a young age.
We’ve been talking to some amazing women who work in science, like Kayla Leyden a Senior Aquarist from the USA. We’ve also made some awesome videos to show you how women work in science every day. Take 5 minutes to watch them and be inspired by the women they include.
Anna Maria Trofaier, a Cryosphere Scientist, explains how she monitors Global Warming, the impact rising temperatures have on the planet and how we can help slow down Climate Change.

Ella Gilbert, Meteorologist at the British Antarctic Survey, talks to us about what her job involves, how to prevent Global Warming and travelling to Antarctica.

Jane Younger, Physiotherapist talks to Empiribox about what she does day to day, why she loves her job and what made her choose to pursue a career using science.