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Outstanding Results

A whole year’s progress in one term!

Empiribox is not just about science – it has a positive effect on Numeracy and Literacy too.

Perhaps the only question of importance is not what does it cost, but what outcomes are the children achieving?

“This is so important and the children and staff get so much from it, that I can’t afford NOT to find the money to pay for it”.
Nick Hutchings, Head, St John’s Primary School Colchester

The government sets national targets for progress and achievement in all subjects, although the methodology for measuring such progress is not always clear, or scientific.  In science, the national target is for “one level of progress over one year”.

Empiribox provides pupil assessment tools for both knowledge gained and skills development.
We have sampled results from schools using Empiribox and the following 2 sample charts, from just 2 of the 12 schemes, describe the progress made from an average sample set of 1000+ pupils from 5 schools in 1 term. The national targets were for 1 level + progress over 1 year, however, our pupils are showing 1 level of progress each term! – definitely ‘exceeding expectations’.
The shift to the right in red shows the dramatic improvement the children are achieving.
As for the teacher assessment of progress, the following representative sample shows equally powerful outcomes for pupils experiencing the Empiribox method.
If you would like to learn more about the amazing results being achieved by Empiribox, please contact us and ask to talk to our Primary Support staff.  Jan Tanner, head of Empiribox Primary Support, is himself a former primary school head teacher and will be more than happy to show you statistics in detail and talk through how and where these results were obtained.
In addition to the pupil, teacher, head teacher and parent feedback we get, we think this is very compelling evidence for the efficacy and value of our system.
Enthusing young children about science by doing practical investigations every week isn’t just about science – the additional benefits in numeracy and literacy progression and general enthusiasm are also impressive.