Suffolk Science Head sees benefits beyond the science

Blundeston and Corton Primary schools in Lowestoft have been using the Empiribox practical science teaching and learning system for four terms.
Ed Davey, Science Coordinator at Blundeston, has already identified a number of important benefits: “Our 100 KS2 pupils are learning much more than before as the system is increasing their knowledge and skills through more practical experimentation and investigative work, with enough equipment to work in pairs or small groups every week. It will be a tremendous help to our pupils as they approach secondary school as they are developing a richer vocabulary, greater reasoning, and improved numeracy.”
Added Ed Davey, who has spent over 10 years in teaching science at primary level and has a formal science background, “In my previous teaching experience it had always been a struggle due to a lack of appropriate science resources but Empiribox provides all the equipment and materials in one place and the training provided gives teachers added confidence, even if they don’t have a science background.
“Parents too are able to be involved at home with some of the experiments and I have already received positive feedback from several at our parent teacher meetings.”