New science formula helps Wickhambreaux pupils excel

Year Five and Six pupils at Wickhambreaux C.E. Primary School in Kent are some of the first in the country to be trying a new ‘hands-on’ approach to learning about science.
Pupils at the OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ school have been quick to catch the bug for science by using the system for the last three terms which enables regular and varied practical scientific experimentation in the classroom, even at home.
“Imagine attempting to investigate and learn about Sound if there is only one tuning fork to share among a whole class? Now we have sufficient materials to allow pupils to work in pairs every week of the school year and conduct a whole range of exciting experiments to help us explore the wonders of chemistry, biology and physics,” said Linda Lodge, Science Coordinator at Wickhambreaux Primary.
Added Linda Lodge, “Our new ‘Do It’ approach to science fits well with the culture of Wickhambreaux but is only made possible by it being affordable in the first place, even by a small school like ours, and ensuring there is sufficient equipment and materials to go around. We have already seen how Empiribox helps better prepare our pupils for moving on to KS3 science at secondary school as well as aid numeracy and literacy.”