Leicester primary school tests new science formula

Dovelands, one of Leicester’s largest primary schools, has awarded Empiribox a glowing first year report since joining the hands-on science teaching and learning revolution.
“We have been using the Empiribox science resources this last year and we have loved using them,” said Sara McAdam, Head Teacher of Dovelands Primary, one of the city’s largest primary schools. “The children have had some great opportunities to use practical resources and carry out experiments such as making rockets. I think that the access to the resources and the expertise is something that other primary schools would really benefit from.”
“Delivering experiments is really easy because everything is so well organised,” added Tom Houlton, Science Coordinator at Dovelands Primary. “It is quite literally going to the trolley, taking off the tray for the relevant lesson and bringing it to the classroom.  Everything is there that you need – you don’t even have to scratch around for Sellotape or Blu-Tack! We are able to deal with a range of experiments that would normally be outside the scope of a primary school, because some of the equipment is quite specialist.”