Impact of Empiribox

Julie Arkell, Assistant Head Teacher and Science Lead at Montgomery Primary School in Birminghampiribox talks about Empiribox and why her pupils love it.
I’ve got to say that I can hand on heart say that it is the best science that I have ever seen primary children do
Empiribox has created such a buzz around science in my classroom and around the school. Its inclusivity engages everyone and helps create a love of science in all pupils.
When my school began using Empiribox 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that my pupils – or my colleagues – would become such confident scientists in such a short time – but that’s exactly what happened!
Fast-forward to today, science is now even woven into the wider curriculum. My pupils have become so confident that they are able to take the lead in their own learning – using the hands-on, exciting experiments – all thanks to the support, resource kits, and full year of lessons Empiribox provides.
Here are my favourite things about Empiribox…
The interactive, pupil-led lessons
…and open day workshops means families can have a much deeper involvement in their child’s learning
My pupils retain a higher percentage of what they learn
because they enjoy and actively participate in lessons more, and also have more opportunities for skill-building
There isn’t a child in the school disengaged in science lessons;
EAL pupils find lessons more accessible, which shows in their far greater progress
Their patience has increased
because the wow factor of the experiments gives them instant satisfaction for their hard work as they wait for long-term skill-building and results
Topics and learning styles are welcome in other subjects;
their enhanced love of science means history lessons about famous scientists and stories on states of matter in literacy are enjoyed by all
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