ARK Ayrton Primary

Ayrton Primary finds success with Empiribox ‘hands-on’ science teaching and learning system. 
Teachers and pupils at Ark Ayrton and Ark Charles Dickens Primary Academies in Hampshire are finding success with their new ‘hands-on’ formula for teaching and learning about science.
“Approximately 180 of our KS2 pupils have been using the Empiribox system for three terms,” said Tracey Woods, Ark Ayrton’s Science Coordinator. “The provision of all the equipment and documentation necessary, plus the growing confidence of our teaching staff in delivery thanks to the regular training included, has directly resulted in the increased enthusiasm and excitement our pupils are now displaying for the whole subject.”
“The opportunities we now have for doing more hands-on learning through regular experiments, combined with the reporting of results, has accelerated our KS2 pupils’ progress,” added Tracey. “They are more engaged and receptive to learning about science while also improving numeracy and literacy – even when dealing with quite difficult concepts such as particle theory!”
The success of the Empiribox field trials held at Ark Ayrton and approximately 50 other primary schools has led to the system going on general release from May through Empiribox Primary Science Trust C.I.C. This is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise and as a Community Interest Company (CIC) it is committed to helping create a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive primary school education throughout the UK.