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Empiribox @ Home At The Awards!

We get how times are tough with the changing safety policies and the impact of the pandemic on schools – which…

2 years ago

Shining a Light on Photosynthesis

We’ve got even more facts for you to share with your class, together with some fun experiments your young learners can…

3 years ago

Health and Safety 2019

H&S is of primary importance at Empiribox. Every lesson we create, every investigation we recommend and every piece of equipment we…

4 years ago

Teaching Kids to Love Science

Wickhambreaux CE Primary School, Canterbury, Kent Imagine a primary school where STEM learning takes centre stage. Where the scientists and engineers…

4 years ago

World Oceans Day

We already know why the ocean is so important to our planet and all the different things it does that help…

4 years ago

Women In Science

We celebrate women in science as much as possible, in fact, one of our main aims is to get girls in…

4 years ago

Recycling Batteries

We use batteries in many different things every day. Take a look around you right now and see if you can…

4 years ago

Renewable Energy Sources

Currently, we rely on fossil fuels to generate over 80% of the world’s energy uses. These are things like coal, oil,…

4 years ago

Impact of Empiribox

Julie Arkell, Assistant Head Teacher and Science Lead at Montgomery Primary School in Birminghampiribox talks about Empiribox and why her pupils love it.…

4 years ago

Senior Aquarist, Kayla Leyden

Senior Aquarist at Shreveport Aquarium in Louisiana, USA, Kayla Leyden talks to us about being inspired by science, her job working…

4 years ago

Different Food Groups

Food is one of the most important parts of our day and we need it to survive, but did you know…

4 years ago

Outstanding Results

A whole year’s progress in one term! Empiribox is not just about science – it has a positive effect on Numeracy…

4 years ago

Deeper Learning in Primary Classrooms

Differentiation is common place in classrooms in the UK and across the world, most often demonstrated by separating children by their…

5 years ago

World Turtle Day

The 23rd May is World Turtle Day! Did you know, turtles are as old as dinosaurs! They can be dated back…

5 years ago

9 Benefits of Outside Learning

With summer just around the corner, we know energy levels will be rising in the classroom along with the temperature outside!…

5 years ago

World Migratory Bird Day

Today is World Migratory Bird Day! 5 facts we should probably know Did you know that 40% of all species of…

5 years ago

Sun Awareness Week

Did you know it is Sun Awareness Week from the 14th – 20th May in the UK? It’s a chance for…

5 years ago

Annual Health and Safety Report Results

Ensuring that the Health and Safety guidance we give to schools is comprehensive, compliant with all statutory regulations and easily implemented…

5 years ago

Not Just a History Lesson

A CBI report suggests that science is being squeezed out at primary school level. We look at how that trend can…

7 years ago

Merseyside Primary

Merseyside primary thinks ‘out of the box’ for better science

8 years ago

ARK Ayrton Primary

Ayrton Primary finds success with Empiribox ‘hands-on’ science teaching and learning system.

8 years ago