About Us – Empiribox

Creating WOW moments to enthuse and inspire young scientists

Empiribox, brought to you by Hope Education, brings primary science learning to life, with classroom-ready, practical blended science. 

We combine the power of interactive video demonstrations with curriculum-aligned hands-on experiments, resources and lessons, to create WOW moments that will enthuse and inspire your young scientists. 

There’s nothing more magical than becoming a scientist for the day. With our blended science approach, we equip busy classroom teachers with the knowledge and resources, to deliver the primary science curriculum in a way every teacher would love to be able to. 

About Hope

At Hope, we think the people who nurture young minds are some of the most important people on earth. They pass on vital knowledge. They build confidence. They fuel children’s imaginations and enrich the future.

We’re proud to support teachers with the most inventive and extensive range of products to help make their lives easier. If you help children be all they can be, Hope is all you need.