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We’re back and we have certainly missed you! We have recently been acquired by Hope Education and have been busy working to refresh and improve our content, to support you in delivering outstanding science lessons.

As you may remember here at Empiribox, we bring science to life! We combine the power of digital and practical learning, with easy-to-follow primary science lessons.

Create WOW moments to enthuse and inspire your young scientists

Our new refreshed and growing library of primary science lessons is split into individual units, allowing you to shape and create a personalised primary science curriculum that meets your needs.

Each unit includes:
✓ Detailed lessons – up to 9 lessons
✓ Interactive videos
✓ Hands-on activities

We have the 6 KS2 units below ready to go, with many more plus KS1 coming soon!

Click on a unit below to visit the Hope Website where you can find out more and buy an annual subscription.


Explore the different forces that affect our lives including magnetism, gravity and friction alongside everyday mechanisms that use them.

Electricity KS2

In our Electricity unit you will construct circuits, identify insulators and conductors and compare the functionality of different components for real-life use.

Light KS2

Understand the science of Light in our unit looking at darkness, reflections, shadows and how light travels in straight lines.

Earth and Space
Earth and Space

In Earth and Space, we will discover the planets in our solar system, the Earth and Moon’s relationship and how rotation and orbit affects us. 

Sound KS2

Learn how Sound is made from vibrations how it travels to the ear, the effect of distance and what pitch and volume means.

States of Matter
States of Matter

For States of Matter, we will group and sort solids, liquids and gases, explore how materials change state and how this relates to the water cycle.